ALA 232: Flash cage match, multi-column CSS

In Issue No. 232 of A List Apart, for people who make websites:

Flash Embedding Cage Match
“How can you best embed Flash content?” In search of an answer, Bobby van der Sluis of UFO fame defines the criteria that matter most to modern web developers: standards compliance, cross browser support, support for alternative content, avoidance of content/player mismatches, auto-activation of active content, and (why not?) ease of implementation.
He then surveys current best-practice alternatives, explains how each works and evaluates pros and cons. And he wraps it up with a surprise ending. Oops. Spoiler.
Multi-Column Layouts Climb Out of the Box
An environmentally responsible energy policy. The perfect snack. Multi-column layouts with equal height columns. Three worthy goals that always seem to elude our grasp. Alan Pearce can help with the layout problem. Building on prior solutions, Pearce shows how to create elastic and liquid three-column layouts with fixed-width sidebars and equal height columns.

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4 thoughts on “ALA 232: Flash cage match, multi-column CSS

  1. I like the 3-column approach… CSS is clean and simple, markup as clean as it can get!

    I’d implement the liquid layouts with a ‘min’ setting so it doesn’t start overlapping the columns, but I guess that’s not a biggie!

  2. I must say that I am a big fan of the three-column layout too, it’s so easy to use and the code is so clean if done properly

  3. We recently switched to a 2 column layout but with the rising usage of the iPhone and how the web browser works with columns we may well be switching back.

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