DWWS 2e Cover Preview

Today, with a couple of minor corrections not shown in the following sneak preview, we approved front and back cover art (PDF, 161 KB) for Designing With Web Standards, 2nd edition. And with that, the last bit o’ the book flew off to the press. Somewhere a bell bonged and an angel got his wings.

You may notice that the second edition’s cover is green, and may recall that the cover of the first edition was orange. Boy, was it ever orange. Boy, is the second edition ever green. Peachpit, editor Erin and I discussed all kinds of possible cover art makeovers, but in the end I decided to change only the color.

Actually in the beginning I decided to change only the color. Then I pretended to keep an open mind while alternatives were discussed—my favorite being the Dorian Gray notion that my photo would age while the rest of the cover stayed the same.

Writing this second edition showed me that when it comes to web standards, some things have changed and others haven’t.

Things change, things stay the same

Since I wrote the first edition, the community of standards-aware designers has mushroomed. Better best practices have emerged, replacing the second-best practices with which we launched the revolution. More designers, developers, and content people preach and practice accessibility, and more clients request it. You find semantic markup, unobtrusive scripting, and CSS layout where you never expected to find them, and increasingly you find them coupled with good design, good usability, and even (eek!) good writing.

Without much hoopla and with even less press, web standards are powering findability and the “Web 2.0″ applications that have made the web hot again for investors and shallow journalists.

All this is new and most of it is good, yet too many sites are still inaccessible, and too many clients and bosses (not to mention too many designers), if they know about standards and accessibility at all, still have it dead wrong. It is for them, even more than for you, that I wrote this book.

Today someone asked how she could persuade a colleague to include accessibility and standards compliance in the requirements for a major site redesign. I can’t meet with every hostile boss and nay-sayer on the planet, gently persuading each of them to see the light. But I can talk to them through the quiet pages of DWWS 2e, if you would like me to.

The pitch

Save 37% off the cover price when you pre-order Designing With Web Standards, 2nd edition at Amazon. Please note that Amazon’s listing currently shows the wrong cover art, the wrong table of contents, and the wrong excerpts. Not to worry. It’s the right book (and Amazon will correct the error soon).

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15 thoughts on “DWWS 2e Cover Preview

  1. Ah, but you see putting the whole thing in print is infinitely superior to sitting down and talking with those hostile bosses anyway. For one thing, you have the upper hand in terms of argument, with plenty of time to think through your ideas and the advantage of not having to respond to every fool suggestion said hostile boss might put forward. But beyond that, ideas in print just seem to carry more weight for some reason. Even in this age of internet dominance, it’s still the case that putting your points about standards up on a blog just doesn’t gain the same traction as encoding them in ink on white paper and binding them up in a handy carry size. Incidentally, I think the green is totally groovy. And why age the picture? Tolkien is dead, but they don’t put a picture of his corpse on the back of his novels.

  2. Congratulations on the second edition of your book! Sometimes a blog, an online tutorial, verbal conversations with the people, and the likes aren’t enough. It’s best to write put everything into writing. This way, your students and other newcomers can just scan through your book without the need for you to discuss the same things over and over again.

  3. I get the second edition from Amazon. And I like yout second edition. Very Interessting for me are the Tipps to use primarily XHTML and CSS, plus ECMAScript and the standard Document Object Model (DOM). Its very Important for an maximun availability of creations. I use this more and more proffesional, with your tipps. Thanks for it.

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